good evening

An American planner 18 feet on it and his monastery

Engine 150 Mercury m 2005

Agency cart

For a year, the price is 1,500 dinars

And for sale Al-Rawdan 18 came to him from his country and his monastery

Yamaha 140 long shaft engine

The agency cart is 1250 dinars, one year old, at a serious price

And for sale, an Emirati caravan, 20 feet, driving, and a country, and registered, without a machine, for 750 pim a year

Together with a Yamaha 200 long stem machine

For 1500 dinars, after sponsoring something reasonable

For sale, two 250-liter Estelle tanks for 100 each, for 50 each. They ride on most boats.

And for sale, two carts need work for 250 Mondays

The unit is 150

Guys, may God have mercy on your parents, a serious buyer, may God bless you

Serious buyer sponsor selling it allowed

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