Harley bikes, order an electric scooter 5500, the offer is on the last two pieces for a limited time

Lithium battery. 60v. 2000w. 3000w

Charging time ranges from 5 to 6 hours, approximately 60 k. to 80k

The maximum speed is 60 km to 80 km, depending on the power of the engine. It bears a soft weight of 180 k

If you want to install an additional battery, it will take you more distance and a higher speed than I have experienced

There are also 3 normal speed modes. middle. Sport

middle counter

For speed, distance (kilo) and charging power, front lightingAnd behind the side signals

There is also a chassis number in case you want to order accessories or spare parts for a tank. The product is of high quality

There are 2 keys with 2 smart remote controls

Turn on + shutdown + bottom buttons.

The tank can also be operated by remote control without the need for a key

It also has an anti-theft alarm to detect when the tanks are moving

Hydraulic aids raised and lowered by air pressure.

Pneumatic disc brakes

Lalderkson Belmftah lock.

The addition…hellip;………..

Mobile holder

Harley side bag as desired

Harley Davison logos.

There are also some additions to the tank.

Package with tanks………….



The tank is very fun. It is distinctive and eye-catching, and you rarely see anything like it, or in a more correct sense, there is no such design anywhere. Needs permission.

the price. 6500 to 7500 depending on engine power

1500 w 2000w 3000w

God bless everyone.

Price: from 5500 6500 7500

Providing lithium batteries with a capacity of 60 amps, the strongest 60v

There is also an engineer specialized in scooters, in case you encounter any problems or malfunctions, God forbid, that can be fixed. Or the desire to raise the speed of the scooter and to amend it after reviewing the specialized engineer.

According to the agreement on the repair price or the piece.

Color //// royal black. distinct. Piece it alone. same color

the price. 6500

The price is 6500.

communication. in private. Or WhatsApp. Residual. The last two pieces. Catch up. And don't catch up. the original.

Price: 6500