No matter whether you want to buy a new or a cheap used cars in Dubai, calculating the cost before actually purchasing it is important. Through this, you get an idea of whether the model of a cheap used cars in Dubai you’re willing to purchase aligns with your budget or not.

Researching the Cheap Used Cars In Dubai Market

Yes! There’s no doubt that it requires a lot of research and knowledge about the elements that come with an associated cost. But this is the only way to avoid any kind of deceptive purchase of a cheap used cars in Dubai that can cost you a higher amount later. Being a depreciating asset, second-hand cars in Dubai would never leave you with any profit in the future if you ever wish to sell but it should also not stress you with any unbearable losses. This ultimate guide by Autovob talks about the calculation of the actual cost involved in the process of purchasing a cheap used cars in Dubai. In addition, we have also listed several factors that affect the cost and play a vital role in its calculation. So without any further discussion, let’s focus on the following factors:

Essential Factors to Consider During Buying Cheap Used Cars in Dubai

Upfront Costs

Firstly, let’s talk about the costs that are absolutely explicit and communicated openly by the seller. This includes the price quoted by the seller at which he wishes to sell the cheap used cars in Dubai. These prices are negotiable, and being an aware buyer, you should bargain smartly and bring the seller to the same page as yours. During the same, always keep in mind that there will be additional costs that will come up later in the process.

Vehicle Inspection and Testing

Since we have already discussed the deceptive purchase and hidden costs of second-hand cars in Dubai, it is always advisable from our side to go through a meticulous inspection before actually making the purchase. Especially when you’re looking forward to purchasing a cheap used cars in Dubai, it becomes even more important. If you become ignorant during the inspection or conduct yourself in a hurry without checking out the possible issues existing in second-hand cars in Dubai, you can end up in big trouble later. No matter what inspection report is provided by the seller, instead of blindly relying on the same, always go for the independent assessment for your satisfaction. Through this, you will get to know if there are any further costs required for the repair of any hidden damages. 

Vehicle History Report

This is another vital tool that can give you a fair idea about the costs involved in purchasing the car you want to get. Since it incorporates some important information about its past, purchasing a car history check is a wise investment. It can protect purchasers from inheriting problems that were previously unknown. These reports provide a clear picture of the history of second-hand cars in Dubai.

Insurance costs

We have already told you about the additional costs that arise in the process of purchasing a cheap used cars in Dubai. At that time, we meant to tell you about the insurance costs which cannot be at all escaped in Dubai. Wondering why? Because it is necessary to get the vehicles insured in Dubai. The best part is that there is no fixed cost declared by the authorities for the same and it differs from model to model and also depends on various other characteristics of the second-hand cars in Dubai. It’s always advisable to ask for the insurance quote beforehand as it will help them in calculating the overall cost and to know how much it will cost them.

Registration and Transfer Fees

Just like insurance costs, another additional cost that cannot be escaped is fees associated with the ownership of and registering a cheap used cars in Dubai. These costs also come with the benefit of not being outrageous and can be afforded easily if you have done proper budgeting beforehand. In case you’re not aware of the process and fees associated with the process, don’t worry because Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) outlines all the details for your better understanding. 

Depreciation and Resale Value

Since you’re looking to purchase a cheap used cars in Dubai, you have already covered some parts of its depreciation history. But based on its condition, demand of its model in the car, and other factors, consider its future resale value. As we all know, certain used cars in Dubai have a higher resale value than others, therefore it is important to be aware of the depreciation rate before purchasing so that you can make a wiser decision that will benefit you in the long term.

Fuel Efficiency and Operating Costs

Not only is this an additional cost but it is also a recurring one. Like insurance and registration costs, you cannot get rid of them by paying once. If you want to use the vehicle actively, you will have to go through paying these expenses in your daily life. Though you cannot escape these, however, what you can do in your favor is make sure at the time of purchase that your cheap used car in Dubai has greater fuel efficiency. You can consider checking its KPL and MPG ratings which stand for Kilometers per liter and Miles per gallon respectively.

Maintenance and Repairs

Along with checking the fuel efficiency, inspect the car in such a way that it tells you about the maintenance requirements. So make sure that your cheap used cars in Dubai doesn’t ask for quite frequent maintenance in the future after the purchase as it will save a lot of your money. You can even collaborate with a reliable mechanic who charges reasonable prices for the services and works with no intention of looting you. This will also help you a lot in saving unnecessary expenses.

Financing and Interest Rates

We do understand that not everyone has the same financial capacity or cannot afford to buy a car without any external financial help at the moment due to any reasons. This is why we have made sure to incorporate this factor in our guide. So those who wish to opt for financing, are required to be well aware of the interest rates at which the banks offer the loan for second-hand cars in Dubai. It plays quite a vital role in calculating the overall cost of the ownership. We would recommend you check out the interest rates and loan terms of all the financial institutions and make the purchase where you get the best deal.

Warranty and Extended Coverage

Though a warranty is not mandatory to get, however, it is advisable to not avoid obtaining it or extended coverage plans. Being similar to insurance costs, it also keeps you stress-free about any damages that can take place in the future without any warning. If you purchase your cheap used cars in Dubai from any of the reputable dealerships in the market, you will be provided with an extended warranty associated with certified pre-owned programs. Hence, even if you have purchased it from any other vendor and the warranty is chargeable, there’s no harm in spending a small amount to get the same as it can save you from exorbitant expenses later.

Cultural Considerations

Last but not least, gain an understanding of the resale value of the eclectic models of second-hand cars in Dubai. We know that you must be thinking about how it is going to influence the cost. Actually, the higher resale value of car models affects the cost of ownership in the long run if you plan to sell your car anytime in the future.


Now that you know what factors affect the overall cost of purchasing a cheap used cars in Dubai make sure that the documentation associated with them must be thoroughly scrutinized and verified. Here’s the list of documents that should be considered while calculating the cost:

  • registration and transfer documents
  • maintenance records and repair invoices 
  • insurance documentation 
  • sales agreement
  • financing documents

Once you’re satisfied with all the aforementioned documents, you can consider buying a cheap used cars in Dubai. It can be a rewarding experience if undertaken with caution and an understanding of the expenses involved. Buyers must consider inspection and testing, car history, insurance, registration costs, depreciation, fuel economy, finance, and warranty coverage in addition to the initial price. Prospective purchasers may make educated judgments that correspond with their budget and long-term goals by methodically evaluating these elements, assuring a cost-effective and pleasant ownership experience in the bustling metropolis of Dubai. 

Lastly and most importantly, in case you find any further issues while calculating the overall cost of the purchase, you can always feel free to reach out to us. We’ll be more than happy to help you with the same!