Seat Capacity: The coach has a seating capacity of 57 passengers, plus one driver and one guide. Dimensions: The overall dimensions of the coach are approximately 12,900 mm (length) x 2,550 mm (width) x 3,750 mm (height) with A/C. Please note that the dimensions may vary depending on the final design. Max. Gradability: The coach has a maximum gradability of 25%, allowing it to navigate hilly terrains. Max Speed: The maximum speed of the coach is 120 km/h, providing a swift and comfortable journey. Engine: The coach is equipped with an ISL 360 40 Cummins engine with a displacement of 8.9 L and meets EURO IV emission standards. Transmission: It features a ZF automatic transmission (A/T), ensuring smooth gear shifts. Axles: The front axle is a DANA 6.5T disc axle, while the rear axle is a DANA 13T drum axle, providing stability and control. Suspension: The coach is equipped with an air suspension system with six airbags, ensuring a comfortable ride for passengers. Tires: It features tubeless radial tires of size 295/80R22.5, with one spare tire (anti-explosion). The tires are imported MICHELIN brand with a tire pressure monitoring system. Steering: The coach has ZF original fluid power steering, offering precise and effortless maneuverability. Brake System: The running brake is an air pressure dual-circuit system with front disc and rear disc brakes, ensuring efficient braking performance. Cooling System: It has a heavy-duty mechanical cooling system with a desert air filter, enabling reliable engine cooling even in extreme conditions. Chassis Features: The coach has an integral steel body with a steel framework and aluminum plate construction, providing strength and durability. Doors and Windows: The coach features pneumatic out-swing doors with remote control lock. The front windshield is made of laminated glass, while the rear windshield and side windows are made of tempered glass. The driver's window is automatic rising-lowering. The coach also has front manual sun